The New Music Agency presents:

Rosie New Year!
Tuesday, December 28 / 7:30 p.m.
Lincoln Unitarian Church, 63rd and A Street
Adults $10 / Students $5 / 12 and Under Free

The Ladies of The New Music Agency will be presenting a concert of "Riveting" music for a "Rosie" New Year. Christy Banks is back from Pennsylvania and Jessica Lindsey is in from Colorado for this performance with several solo and duet works for clarinet. Other Agents on this performance are Betsy Bobenhouse, flute; Karen Sandene, bassoon; and Lisa McGlnn, piano. Works to be performed:

Damon Lee : Das Dorf am Ende der Welt for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, and Piano
Rusty Banks:
Curved Space for Clarinet Duet
Peter Schickele : Dances for Three for Two Clarinets and Bassoon
Michael Isaacson : Duet for Bassoon and One Maraca
Ron Barnett :
Fantasy on Copa Cabana for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
Ron Barnett : Bad Disk for Solo Clarinet
Alex Shapiro: Re:pair for Flute and Bassoon
Luciano Berio : Lied for Solo Clarinet

The New Music Agency would like to thank the following organizations and advertisers for supporting our work:

The Aaron Copland
Fund for Music

Key-Ring Music


(Oct '10)
Halloween and contemporary music are a good fit, and on Saturday, October 30, The New Music Agency presented, "Night of the Living Composers VII: Dreams and Nightmares", a concert of new and recent works which create dream-like auras - sometimes fanciful, other times unsettling. In addition, we would like to welcome Damon Lee (new UNL assistant professor of composition and digital media) to Lincoln, and will be showing one of his short films, "Stumm". Click here to read more about this concert.

Tristan Fuentes : Dreams (2010) for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Percussion, Piano, and Soundfile
Scott Miller:
Lovely Little Monster (2009) for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion and Soundfile
Scott Miller: Consortium (2009) for Contrabassoon and Soundfile
John Drumheller : The View From Dead Horse Point for Bass Clarinet and Electronics
Tilmann Dehnhard: Wake Up! for Piccolo and Alarm Clock

Damon Lee: Stumm (2008) Film and score by Lee

Performing on this concert: Betsy Bobenhouse, Flute; Jessica Lindsey, Clarinet;
Karen Sandene, Bassoon; Joe Holmquist, Percussion.


Concert #1: Night of the Living Composers VII: Dreams and Nightmares
Saturday, October 30 / 7:30 p.m.
Lincoln Unitarian Church, 63rd and A Street

Agency Fund-Raiser : Wine Tasting/Hors d'oeuvres
Sunday, November 14/ evening time t.b.a.
Meier's Cork 'n Bottle, 13th and South Street

Concert #2: Annual Year-End Concert
Tuesday, December 28/ 7:30 p.m.
Lincoln Unitarian Church, 63rd and A Street

Concert #3: Bassoon is Cool (a concert featuring bassoon, contrabassoon and percussion)
Guest: Dr. Jeff McCray, UNL
Date and Location t.b.a

Concert #4: Local Composer Showcase
Date and Location t.b.a

Dates and Programming subject to change. Some of the works to be performed this season have yet to be written!
Further Details Coming Soon.

(June '10)

Jessica Lindsey represented the New Music Agency with a solo/electronica performance at the Clawfoot House on June 11. Jessica performed works by Michael Lowenstern and Agent Rusty Banks. Click on the Jess' picture to see the full program.

(May '10)

The Agency was pleased to welcome Composition Professor Scott Miller, from St. Cloud State (MN) University. Miller's visitation was partially funded by the MetLife Meet The Composer program.

Miller worked with the Agents for a series of events in early May: our series concert on Saturday evening, May 9, several live radio broadcasts on KZUM and KUCV Radio, a composing master class the afternoon of Saturday May 8, and a visitation to a local school to perform at the after-school CLC program.

CLICK to email: slmiller@stcloudstate.edu Scott Miller is an award-winning composer of electroacoustic orchestral, chamber, choral and multimedia works frequently performed at venues and in exhibitions throughout North America and Europe. Miller's music has been described as 'peaceful, intimate, and painstakingly crafted' and 'not for the faint-hearted listener; it is tough, unsparing, blessed free of self-indulgence and offering for our consolation only its scrumptulous precision." He is most widely known for his interactive electroacoustic chamber music and his experimental multimedia performance pieces.

Program for the May 8, 2010 Series Concert:

Lovely Little Monster for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion and Interactive Electronics
haiku, interrupted for Bassoon and Interactive Electronics
Autumn Etude for Fixed Media
Consortium for Contrabassoon and Soundfile

Introduction and Contemplation for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Percussion and Interactive Electronics
Pure Pleasure for Snare Drum and Soundfile
Chimeric Night for Bass Clarinet and Interactive Electronics
Arcata for Ensemble and Electronics

Performing on this concert: Betsy Bobenhouse, Flute; Jessica Lindsey, Clarinet;
Karen Sandene, Bassoon; Joe Holmquist, Percussion.

Master of the Electronics: Scott Miller

Photos from the concert. Karen conducts "Lovely Little Monster" while the rest of the ensemble performs.

Click on each picture to get a larger view.


Miller's visitation involved activities with students. On Friday, May 7, Miller and Agents visited the CLC (Community Learning Center) after-school program at Huntington Elementary School. On Saturday, May 8, a masterclass, which was open to the community-at-large, was held at Wesleyan University. Here are photos from both of these events.

Click on each picture to get a larger view.


The following are images from our April live radio broadcast on KZUM radio, The Star City Blog Show, with Dennis Kornbluh. Agency members performed live during this broadcast, and Miller phoned in from Minnesota. We were on another broadcast in May. Click on each picture to get a larger view.

1. Showing score for Luke Polipnick's "Bardos and Other Realities" 2. Karen and Jessica preparing to play 3. Listening to Scott Miller talk on the air, live from Minnesota 4. Karen and her contrabassoon



(Mar '10)
On Thursday, March 11, The New Music Agency paid a visit to Lincoln's Clawfoot House and performed a set of some of our signature works as part of the House's Experimental Music Series. We had the chance to meet Amy Denio and hear improvisation by Lincoln's Seeded Plain. In addition, Jessica performed on the April Experimental Music Series. We'd like to thank Ember Schrag, Bryan Day and others involved with the Clawfoot House for the opportunity to perform at this unique Lincoln venue. Here are pictures from that performance, and there are more pictures and videos on our Facebook page. Click on each picture to get a larger view.


Here is a video of Karen performing a small portion of Rusty Banks' "Parental Discretion". Clicking on the picture will take you to a YouTube video that was posted on the Facebook Contrabassoon Fan Page. Thanks to Nick Hernandez for the video clip.


We have two (2) designs for shirts, both of which were designed by Agency clarinetist/Marketing Guru Jessica Lindsey. The design on the left is actually on a white background. All shirts are 50/50 blend and pre-shrunk. We have a variety of sizes of both styles in stock.

We don't do Pay Pal or credit cards or anything yet. Please e-mail us at info@newmusicagency.org or call 402/429-4090, and we can get you a shirt ordered and paid
for by check or cash.



(Left) One of the styles.

(Right) The other style.

(Jan '10)
BIG NEWS! The New Music Agency is the recipient of a grant from the MetLife/ Meet-The-Composer fund that will do so much to help us bring contemporary classical music to Nebraska audiences. This grant will help bring in Composer Scott Miller from St. Cloud State University, who will demonstrate to Lincoln audiences his wok with interactive electronics. We are so grateful for the support of the MetLife Meet the Composer program.

(Jan '10)
On Tuesday, December 29, The New Music Agency once again hosted our annual concert during the week between Christmas and New Year's, titled "Reflections". We played some favorite works from past seasons.

Tristan Fuentes : Samba Loca (2005) for the Ensemble
Tristan Fuentes : Double Trouble I (2007) for Flute and Percussion
Randall Snyder:
Dream of Naksongdae (1993/2005)* for Solo Flute
Giacomo Miluccio: Rhapsody (1979) for Solo Clarinet
Luke Polipnick : Bardos and Other Realities (2009) for the Ensemble

Charles B. Griffin : Concentric Dance (1996) for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon
Stacey Bowers : Rolling Thunder (1982/2005) for the Ensemble

Performing on this concert: Betsy Bobenhouse, Flute; Jessica Lindsey, Clarinet;
Karen Sandene, Bassoon; Joe Holmquist, Percussion.

(Nov '09)
BIG NEWS! The New Music Agency is the recipient of two grants that will do so much to help us bring contemporary classical music to Nebraska audiences. We received a Special Opportunities Support Grant from the Nebraska Arts Council in October, to assist with the staging of our October and December concerts, as well as educational outreach activities with LPS students. Then on November 28, we were informed that we received funding from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music out of New York to help us with activities related to our concert of works by Nebraska composer Randall Snyder. We are so grateful for the support of these organizations for New Music!

(Oct '09)
It was with affection, professional respect, and joy that the members of the New Music Agency paid tribute to internationally recognized, local composer Randy Snyder on its concert, "Wall of Snyder". The performance included works written by Snyder specifically for individuals and the entire group. Recognizing the importance of composer-performer relationships to the success of New Music, Snyder explains, "For acoustic composers of my generation, groups such as the New Music Agency are essential for the continuation of personal, abstract, non-commercial music." For more information about the concert, click here.

Randall Snyder: Return of the Randwulf (2009)* for the Ensemble
Randall Snyder:
Dream of Naksongdae (1993/2005)* for Solo Flute
Randall Snyder: Legong Studies (2009)* for Solo Bass Clarinet
Randall Snyder: Mexico City Blues: Part Five (2008)* for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Narrator

Randall Snyder: Boogie On Contra Woman (2003) for Contrabassoon and Marimba
Randall Snyder: Episodes (1971) for Alto Saxophone and Tape
Randall Snyder:
Water Music Revisited (2009)* for the Ensemble

*premier performances

Performing on this concert: Betsy Bobenhouse, Flute; Jessica Lindsey, Clarinet; Karen Sandene, Bassoon;
Randy Snyder, Alto Saxophone; Joe Holmquist, Percussion; Jack Rinke, Keyboard.

Randall Snyder joined the faculty of the UNL School of Music in 1974, and in 1996 was designated Composer-in-Residence. Snyder has taught at colleges in Illinois, Wisconsin and Nebraska. He currently is a freelance musician living in Lincoln, NE.

Videos from "Wall of Snyder", October 25, 2009. Click on the image on the left to watch a Quick Time movie of the dress rehearsal of "Water Music Revisited". Click on the image on the right to view a clip of Randall Snyder performing a portion of "Episodes".

(May '09)

On our spring concert on May 23, "Augmentations of Reality", we performed recent works by two of our favorite Agency composers, Rusty Banks and Luke Polipnick. Both have works for solo, low-sounding instruments and electronics. Banks' "Parental Discretion" has its roots in his new composition "2ba4" for Solo Tuba and Boom Boxes; adapting this work for the contrabassoon was a natural. Polipnick's "Descriptive Data" for bass clarinet was performed by Jessica Lindsey in Minneapolis' Spark New Music Festival this past February. Also on this concert, we featured the talents of four of Lincoln's talented high school seniors - our next generation of contemporary music performers - on Stacey Bowers' Pattern Studies #2.

Rusty Banks : Parental Discretion for Contrabassoon and Boom Boxes
Luke Polipnick:
Descriptive Data for Bass Clarinet and Electronics
Luke Polipnick : Bardos and Other Realities for Open Instrumentation
Stacey Bowers : Pattern Studies #2 for Open Instrumentation

Steve Reich : Music for Pieces of Wood for Five Players
Libby Larsen:
Barn Dances for Flute, Clarinet and Piano

Performing on this concert: Betsy Bobenhouse, Flute; Jessica Lindsey, Clarinet; Karen Sandene, Bassoon;
Joe Holmquist, Percussion; Luke Polipnick, Percussion; Jack Rinke, Piano.
Special Guests: Hannah Spencer, Flute; Carson McNeil, Saxophone; John Borstelmann, Clarinet; and Dylan Nelson, Percussion

(Dec '08)
On our concert Tues, Dec 31, "Stepping Through the Threshold", we showcased the Terry Riley work, "Room of Remembrance". A multi-movement piece, we performed a portion of "Remembrance" - The Vision of the Snow Clam - on last March's concert, and the music from one of Riley's "rooms" a few seasons ago. Our acousto-electric piece of the evening (we love those...) was "Deep" for Contrabassoon and Soundfile. You can find out more information about the concert by reading the Press Release for this concert, found in the Agency Press Room area of the site (the button on the left will also get you there).

Charles Griffin : Concentric Dance for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon
Lowell Liebermann:
Nocturne No. 4 for Solo Piano
Alex Shapiro : Deep for Contrabassoon and Soundfile
Anne Boyd: Bali Moods No 1 for Flute and Piano

Michel Berthomier: Yo for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion and Piano
Terry Riley:
The Room of Remembrance for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Vibraphone and Keyboard

Performing on this concert: Betsy Bobenhouse, Flute; Jessica Lindsey, Clarinet; Karen Sandene, Bassoon;
Joe Holmquist, Percussion; Lisa McGlynn, Piano.

(Mar '08)
Our concert on March 1st, "Transmigration", was a great success. This performance was the first one to be held at Wesleyan University, in O'Donnell Auditorium. We presented Randy Snyder's latest installment of his "Mexico City Blues" series. Christy Banks was also in the house! Listed below are the works we performed. You can find out more information about the concert by reading the Press Release for this concert, found in the Agency Press Room area of the site (the button on the left will also get you there).

Libby Larsen : Aubude for Solo Flute
Libby Larsen : Yellow Jersey for Clarinet Duet
Steve Reich : New York Counterpoint for Clarinet and Soundfile
Randall Snyder : Mexico City Blues - Part III for Saxophone, Percussion and Narrator

Terry Riley : Vigil of the Snow Clam for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Keyboard, Percussion and Soundfile
Ronald Caravan : Sketch for Clarinet
Ernest Bacon:
Cockfight for Clarinet Duet

Performing on this concert: Betsy Bobenhouse, Joe Holmquist, Jessica Lindsey, Karen Sandene, Randall Snyder, and Lisa McGlynn.

(Jan '08)
The New Music Agency welcomed 2008 through music and dance with the concert "Glancing Back, Spinning Forward" on 29 Dec 07.
It was a great night of music, and a really nice turn-out. Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, the concert missed out on the anticipated dance aspect of the evening. Another time, hopefully. Anyway, here are some clips of a few of the performances from that night. Following them is a listing of the complete program.

Clip 1: Jessica Lindsey performing Rusty Banks' "Dance of the Wallflower" for Clarinet and Boomboxes.

Clip 2: Joe Holmquist performing "Spinngewebe" for Vibraphone and Soundfile, by Tristan Fuentes.

Clip 3: Karen Sandene (bassoon) and Heidi Huenefeld (harp) on Robert R»nnes' "R╚flexion pour bassoon et harpe".

Tristan Fuentes: Spinngewebe for Vibraphone and Soundfile
Rusty Banks : Dance of the Wallflower for Clarinet, Boomboxes and Dancer
Robert Rønnes: Reflexion for Bassoon and Harp

Robert Rønnes: White Silence from Concerto for Bassoon and Synthesizer
Greg Thiesen : Marbles for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Percussion
Andre Jolivet:
Pastorales de Noel for Flute, Bassoon and Harp

Performing on this concert: Betsy Bobenhouse, Joe Holmquist, Jessica Lindsey, Karen Sandene, and Heidi Huenefeld.

(Jan '08)
In the Press Room area of the site, we've recently added the Press Releases and Promotional Posters from our concerts in 2007, and will for future concerts (the button on the left will also get you there).

It's been awhile since we've posted some video clips on the site. In the upcoming days and weeks we will be adding some additional samples of our music for your viewing pleasure. For now, here are a couple of samples from our concert "Night of the Living Composers V", held on November 3rd (Click on the images to go see a Quick Time movie).

(Dec '07)

The New Music Agency began its 5th(!) season of presenting new and recent classical works to the Lincoln Arts Scene. Our concert on November 3rd featured music from two Lincoln composers (including a newly commissioned piece),
as well as recent compositions from Norway, New York, and selections from two Pulitzer Prize winners.
Performing on this concert were Betsy Bobenhouse, Joe Holmquist, Jessica Lindsey, Karen Sandene, Vanessa Martinez and Nathaniel McHargue.
Works performed:

Tristan Fuentes: Double Trouble 2 for Flute and Percussion
Randy Snyder : Vibraphone Studies for Solo Vibraphone
Robert Ronnes: "The Fight Against the Dragon" from Concerto for Bassoon and Tape

Eric Schwartz : Rock Star for Solo Clarinet
John Harbison :
Trio Sonata for Three Clarinets
John LaMontaine : Canonic Variations for Flute and Clarinet

(Oct '07)
Here is some info from our concert on this past May 4, "Double Trouble":

In "Double Trouble," the New Music Agency explored how "The future of music is being created today" through unique instrumental duos.

Composer Tristan Fuentes, recently featured on the new music website sequenza21.com, debuted Double Trouble 1 and Double Trouble 2, two duos for wind instrument and drum set. The concert dalso included an ensemble piece by Fuentes, La Cabeza Cubista.

Using film as duo partner to the guitar, Luke Polipnick explored the boundries of the term "instrument" in his featured duo, a film score for guitar and computer that accompanied the Maya Deren film, "at land".

The Dance of the Wallflower, by Rusty Banks, and performed by Jessica Lindsey, combined an acoustic clarinet with pre-recorded clarinet and electronic sounds. "Musical ideas are presented, then passed around the room via the boomboxes, much like ideas move around the mind. As the ideas move around, their weight and presence change," explained Banks.

Dr. Scott Anderson performed Doolallynastics (a Brief Torture for Solo Trombone) by Brian Lynn.

(Mar '07)
New Music Agents Betsy Bobenhouse (flute) and Heidi Huenenfeld (harp) performed a recital as Duo Adanté on March 30. The flute/harp combo was quite lovely, and there was a great turn-out.

(Jan '07)
"Looking Forward, Looking Back" was our *week between Christmas and New Year's* show and works by Rusty Banks, Jane Brockman, John Harbison, Miguel del Aguila and Andre Jolivet (old-school 20th century music) were on the program.

(Oct '06)
Members of the Agency performed for several audiences in October. Huntington Elementary School hosted a performance for upper elementary school students. Prince of Peace Lutheran Church was the site for a concert for residents of the Belmont neighborhood. And finally, "Night of the Living Composers IV" was held at the Lincoln Unitarian Church.

(July '06)
In July, Rusty Banks was in Nebraska as faculty for a guitar "boot camp" with the Omaha Conservatory of Music, and visited Lincoln for a solo performance/guitar master class. Download Rusty's newest work, Zug Bug! to be premiered at this concert.

(June '06)
The New Music Agency is planning its 2006-2007 performance season. Here are the dates of our series concerts:

Friday, October 27, 2006
Sunday, October 8, 2006 October 29, 2006 (Neighborhood Concert at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church)
Friday, December 29, 2006
Friday, March 30, 2007
Friday, May 4, 2007

Dates are subject to change. We are also planning a number of educational concerts and other performances in the community. ALSO, repertoire is currently t.b.a.; as is usual, many of our works haven't been composed yet.

(May '06)
The New Music Agency performed on 5 May - "Wood/Winds". Great program (the word "compelling" was heard from a member of the audience), and there were many kids in the audience. Click here to read more about the program. Click on the pictures below for short videos of these performances.

Snyder: Ritual Cadences

Fuentes: Berliner Kindl

Thiesen: Marbles

Jolivet: Pipeaubec

(Apr '06)
The New Music Agency now is officially a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.We received notification of such on March 20th. The Agency has also been accepted into the Nebraska Arts Council Touring Program. We received our formal notice on April 24. We would like to extend our thanks to the Nebraska Arts Council and the IRS.

(Mar '06)
Christy Banks was back in town for a concert with some of our clarinet and saxophone-playing collegues. An excellent performance by all! Click here for more information about who/what was on the concert. Many portions of this concert were repeated a week later at Millersville University (PA) at the First Annual Single Reed Symposium (see information about that event here - pdf).

(Jan '06)
Betsy Bobenhouse, Jessica Lindsey and Karen Sandene performed on the First Friday Gallery Walk Soundcheck performance on January 6. For more information about what we performed and what we have done on past Soundcheck concerts, click here.

(Dec '05)
On December 30, 2005, The New Music Agency presented its annual "week between Christmas and New Year's Eve" concert - we called it "'Twas the Night Before New Year's Eve." Click here to read more about the concert.

(Oct '05)

The weekend of Oct 7-9 was busy for the Agency, with two concerts: Oct 7 with the second of the First Friday Gallery Walk "Soundcheck Concerts", as well as on Oct 9 for our first "Neighborhood Concert" at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Belmont. A nice turnout at both events! Performers were Betsy Bobenhouse, Karen Sandene and Joe Holmquist. For more information about what we performed, click here. Also, please refer to the Lincoln Arts Council website. Also, go Look! at images from the two concerts.

We tried a different set-up at the Old City Hall Building for the Soundcheck Concert, moving westward onto the wooden floor area with the huge windows in the background. We like it - it's a good look playing contemporary music with the bustle of 9th and O street shining behind the performers. People are then free to mingle in the lobby area.

Mayor Colleen Seng was also in attendance, with a proclamation for Arts and Humanities Month. As the concert concluded and we were packing up, people continued to stroll into the building to see what was going on. Several stated that it was good to see the building being used at night. And Deb Weber of the Arts Council informed us that performers are already lined up for the First Fridays in November and December - this is great! And we hope to be back to the Old City Hall soon.

Go Listen! to a couple of Quicktime soundclips from the concert (Tristan Fuentes' Samba loca for Flute, Bassoon, Marimba and Soundfile, and Michael Isaacson's Seraglio for Bass Flute and Finger Cymbals).

The first Neighborhood Concert at Prince of Peace on October 9 went very well, also. It's a lovely congregation there, and it was a pleasure bringing music to the north part of Lincoln.

(Sept '05)
The first First Friday Gallery Walk Soundcheck Concert at The Old City Hall Building went very well! Not knowing quite what to expect this first time out as far as acoustics and atmosphere, we discovered that the sound quality was quite lovely, warm and resonant. We used flute, cello, bassoon and soundfile (via iBook and computer speakers - plenty of sound). We also utilized a PowerPoint presentation projected on a screen, which also worked pretty well in the space. The Lincoln Arts Council, with Deb Weber, was of tremendous assistance, providing the space - as well as technological assistance - for the performance. The Old City Hall is a facinating place to stage a small music event. We're looking forward to our next visit there on Friday, October 7.

Go Listen! to a short Quicktime clip of Betsy Bobenhouse playing "Lookout", by Robert Dick, at The Old City Hall Building.

(June '05)
Our June 20 concert, "Here/There/Now/Then" was a critical success. We will have some short clips in our LISTEN! area soon.

(May '05)
Rusty, Christy and Betsy visited with 5th Graders at Huntington School on May 13th. They showed students the variety of styles and sounds that guitars, clarinets and flutes can make. They also compared standard classical literature with contemporary works. Rusty spoke of how composers get their inspirations for pieces; he discussed the movement of snakes and how music could be written to reflect their actions; Betsy and Christy then played Rusty's piece, "Taxonomy", dealing with a variety of snake species. The highlight of the concert was Rusty's work, "Bent Echoes", which used boom-box "Poor Boy Surround Sound". Well, the live corn snake was interesting, too. Thanks to Huntington Music Specialist Trish Rymph for giving us her time and expertise to make our visit educational and fun.

(Apr '05)
We had a great couple of concerts in April. Thanks to everyone who attended the Duo Primo Concert, as well as the "Local, Late-Breaking" concert on April 2nd. We have some movie clips from this most recent concert in case you missed the concert. Click on the "LISTEN!" button on the left, or here.

In order for you to be among the first to find out when our next performances are going to be, we have an e-mail list to which you can subscribe. If you'd like to sign up, once again, contact us at info@newmusicagency.org.We are also looking for people, businesses or organizations that would like to sponsor concerts. It's very reasonable, and would help to bring new music performances to the Lincoln area. Contact the Agency if you'd be interested. Thanks!

(Jan '05)
Here's my favorite blurb in the newspaper from this past winter. On New Year's Eve, Jeff Korbelik wrote about the top arts news stories in 2004, and as a participant in "Free at 6", we were included in #3! From the Journal-Star:

"3. "Free at Six" Gauging from the early attendance returns, the Lied Center for Performing Arts' new series is a hit. The Lincoln Contemporary Dance Project and The New Music Agency both drew more than 150 patrons for their events - three times what they might usually draw. The Lied created the series to recognize and celebrate the rich range of artistic talent in the community and to open the doors of the Lied to a wider audience. So far, it's working."

Yay! And thank yous go out to the Woods Charitable Funds, Nebraska Arts Council and the Lied Center for making this opportunity available to us and to all the other local artists. A great idea!

(Jan '05)
Our December concerts were well-played, nicely attended and great fun! You can see what we performed by clicking here.

Diana Frazier Betsy Bobenhouse Christy Banks Scott Anderson Rusty Banks Karen Sandene